Inmesol company is a major manufacturer of generator sets, lighting towers, engine-driven welders, and power generation systems. With almost 30 years of experience and thanks to its ability to adapt to all types of markets, including the special requirements of the most demanding markets, is present in the world’s 5 continents with equipment installed in a wide variety of industries, residential areas, sports complexes, public works, hospitals and hotels, among others.

inmesol mobile and portable generator

Inmesol designs, manufactures and markets highly technically advanced generator sets, both in open and soundproof versions, from 2.2 to 2500 kVA LTP power.

Its line of generator sets is split into five ranges with address in any type of energy supply its clients may require, whatever their geographical location, the extreme conditions under which the equipment must work in their facilities and their requirements in terms of low levels of noise and gas emissions into the atmosphere: Portable range, Industrial range, Stand-by range, Rental range and Heavy range.

Likewise, its line of LIGHTING TOWERS is growing year after year with the incorporation of the latest LED technology and new lighter and more versatile designs, adaptable to a multitude of applications.