The Most Environmentally Effective Gensets In The Market

The new “green” gensets on white canopies are “environmentally-friendly”, meaning that they are all equipped with diesel engines that meet the EU Stage V exhaust gas emission standards; this makes them the less polluting engines on the market today, in addition to being all certified for renewable fuels use.

These generator sets are available with DEEP SEACOMAP and DEIF controllers that facilitate the combination of gensets with renewable energy plants, either as stand-by gensets or in different hybrid configurations.

The engines in this new series are KOHLER and VOLVO, and are all exceptionally fuel-efficient, resulting in very low operating costs, especially for gensets that produce continuous power. In the case of VOLVO engines, they are also certified for renewable paraffin diesel fuels such as HVO according to the EN 15940 standard.

The result is a very wide power range of gensets with almost negligible polluting emissions.

The white canopies belong to the INMESOL Rental range, the variety where these new engines are incorporated as the STAGE V standards are mandatory for mobile gensets.

The power range starts with the KOHLER engines with a 12 kVA to 110 kVA Stand By Power (LTP) generator set.

For higher powers, this range offers VOLVO engines for generator sets with a reserve power ranging from 170 kVA to 740 kVA (LTP).

And in order to complete and extend the range of powers, the equipment is featured in ISO containers with dual gensets and VOLVO engines inside which result in total power ranging from 550 kVA to 1480 kVA Stand By Power (LTP).

Dual gensets, of course, enable large amounts of electrical power from a unit, as well as the flexibility to adapt to actual power demand by running both or just one generator set.

Dual gensets in containers are being very well received by rental, utilities and construction companies due to the flexibility and versatility of use they offer.